From hunting to survive to gourmet

Prehistoric Hunting

In prehistoric times, the gathering and hunting of food dictated daily life. Today, we have the luxury of enjoying a wide variety of foods at our convenience. Before the understanding of agriculture, primitive tribes were reliant on wild crops and animals for food. With the advent of settle civilization, knowledge about seeding and harvesting crops and meat and milk farming grew; and the relationship of humans with food has continued to evolve since the time of the hunter-gatherer, when it was caught or collected for the community. Thanks to advances in agriculture and trade, most societies are no longer reliant on seasonal produce and with today's diversification of culture, travel and communal integration, there has been an increased availability of diverse foods. A greater variety of food, and therefore nutrition, is now available. This website provides a number of recipes designed and elaborated from the own experienced cook team and inspired mainly from the cuisines of Greece, Spain and Japan.
The scope of the recipes comprises salads, vegetable-dishes, fishes and seafood but exclude all kinds of meat by conviction.

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